Plant Natur (Nature's Child) invites us to explore the


The Pengraig Farm Bushcraft and Field Studies Centre is set within a European larch plantation, which is boundaried on one side with a natural deciduous woodland and on the other with a monoculture conifer plantation. The juxtaposition of native woodland and pine plantation is the first lesson a visitor to our bushcraft centre will experience. There is no ground flora or fauna (birds or wildlife) in the pine plantation, whereas the native deciduous woodland is rich in herbs, insects birds and small mammals.

Bushcraft Camp Workshop Area.

Sensory Herb Garden

In the Spring, Braille signs in both English and Welsh will be placed at the base of the more successful and vigourous herbs in the garden.

The Fungus and Fern Garden

This area is a shaded tactile rock, fungus and fern garden with
traditional dry stone walling made of
many different textured stones.
(under construction)

Natural Welsh Stone Wall Seat set into the herb beds.

Outdoor Wildlife Feeders are placed near to the living willow, honeysuckle bower, providing a secluded wild bird observation area with seating for visitors to Merlin's Way.

Bug Hotel

These two giant wooden ladybirds provide homes for thousands of
woodland insects and wee beasties.
Cruelty free, Magnifying Bug Pots,
can be provided on request, to allow
visitors to meet some of their smallest

A raised wooden broadwalk leads the visitor along the trail.

"The Sound Barrier" (under construction)

This area of the broadwalk will host a musical garden consisting of "The Sound Barrier" pentatonically tuned chimes integrated into the safety barrier and the woodland itself. This area will also house a Giant Xylephone and Drain Pipe Drum.

Sections of the broadwalk bring the visitor up to eye level with the canopy.

Woodland Walk Experimental Development Area

The Water Bench

The many benches provided along the route have been designed and carved by young volunteers.

Bushcraft workspace
Tear Drop supports for
Giant Rain Stick
(under construction)

Air Bench

The angel's wing bench.

Merlin's Way Celtic Knot Seat

Experimental raised herb beds constructed with logs from the surrounding conifer plantation.

Wildlife Observation Tree Cabin
(Under Construction)

Organic Vegetable Growing

Area for proposed Majical Youth Ecology Study Centre

[Link to OS MAP of area]

Aerial View of Pengraig Farm
Majical Youth Ecology Centre
showing the route of the Merlin's Way
Nature Trail.

Twin Rainbows over Pengraig Farm Majical Youth Ecology Centre

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